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Thank you for considering supporting our mission to: encourage a love for reading, expose new books to new audiences, and boost new authors! With an interest in books wavering in our glitzy entertainment culture, you’ll be supporting an endeavor simultaneously literary, contemporary, authentic, and archival.

For 2014 – 2016, listeners of The Author’s Corner, our nationally-distributed radio show, have been exposed to 400+ different books, both fiction and non-fiction, 50% women authors by design. This singular series both entertains and informs, fostering a more informed citizenry for a stronger democracy.

Although we showcase many novels and memoirs, we’ve also covered books with serious themes: software piracy, addiction, child abuse, grief, futurism, learning disabilities, veterans, obesity, mental illness, our college admissions mania, even physics. Education is part of TAC’s thought-provoking mission.

TAC is run on a shoestring budget. But producing this unique daily series is time-intensive and not inexpensive. Costs include: equipment and software, identifying and booking authors, passage editing, traveling to recording sessions, coaching and recording, audio post-production, constant web site maintenance, and station marketing and national distribution. This careful ongoing process is accomplished efficiently indeed. Sustaining the show requires expanding our resources. “The Author’s Corner” is our registered federal trademark.

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