Paul Vallely
Bloomsbury USA
Pope Francis: The Struggle For The Soul Of Catholicism
Biography of a remarkable Pope, once a "conservative authoritarian" in his native Argentina.
Kate Mulgrew
Little, Brown and Company
Born With Teeth: A Memoir
Captain Janeway on "Star Trek: Voyager" was among many roles for this award-winning actress.
William Boyd
Bloomsbury USA
Sweet Caress: A Novel
His lauded 14th novel centers on a woman photographer during tumultuous decades of the last Century.
Doug Merlino
Bloomsbury USA
Beast: Blood, Struggle, and Dreams At The Heart Of Mixed Martial Arts
About MMA -- a ferocious, fast-growing real sport: "beautifully reported... with rollicking flair."
Jill Bialosky
The Prize: A Novel
Two artists -- one betraying, another beguiling -- upend the picket-fence life of an art gallery owner.