Paul Harding
Random House
Enon: A Novel
This Pulitzer Prize-winning author's second novel is set in "Enon" in the varied landscape of New England: a father fathoms a personal tragedy.
Kendra Smith-Howard
Oxford University Press
Pure And Modern Milk
A readable "environmental history since 1900" of this nearly universal product -- one, curiously, both "natural" yet "manufactured"!
Norman Lock
Bellevue Literary Press
The Boy in His Winter: An American Novel
Huck Finn and Jim slowly journey ahead two centuries on their "time machine" raft.
Michele Takei
SHE-Q: Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World
The author presents evidence from history and science that men's and women's brains operate differently indeed.
Michael Craven
Bourbon Street Books
The Detective & The Pipe Girl: A Mystery
Quirky private detective John Darvelle, hired by a big Hollywood movie director to tail a mistress, stumbles into dangerous criminals.