Scott Anderson
Anchor Books
Lawrence in Arabia
A definitive history of a remarkable British personality in the the swirl of Middle Eastern events during World War One --- propelled into leading an army of rebels against Turkey.
Porochista Khakpour
Bloomsbury USA
The Last Illusion
A journey from rural Iran to urban America with a character based loosely on a medieval Persian legend.
Sheldon Krimsky (left) & Jeremy Gruber, Editors, Ralph Nader, Foreword
Skyhorse Publishing
The GMO Deception
"...what you need to know about the food, corporations, and government agencies putting our families and our environment at risk."
Carlene Bauer
Mariner Books
Frances And Bernard
Through that rather lost art of love-letter correspondence, a unique romance blossoms.
Patry Francis
Harper Perennial
The Orphans of Race Point
The setting is the Portuguese community of Provincetown, Massachusetts for this praised epic-like "mystery with an edge."