Nigel Hamilton
Houghton Mifflin
The Mantle Of Command: FDR At War, 1941 – 42
A reading that stuns... in ​retelling FDR's extraordinary War leadership.
Barbara Brown Taylor
Learning to Walk in the Dark
Rather than only revere light & fear the dark, the author offers stories & ways to appreciate night, giving us other perspectives on darkness.
James Calvin Schaap
New Rivers Press
Up The Hill
How do the ghosts in a small-town cemetery greet "newcomers"? A story collection, including how the dead may view the living.
Lucie Whitehouse
Bloomsbury USA
Before We Met: A Novel
When you marry, do you really know that person? When her adoring husband doesn't return home from a business trip, Londoner Hannah Reilly delves into his mysterious past.
Andrew F. Smith
Rowman & Littlefield
New York City: A Food Biography
Aptly nicknamed, The Big Apple introduced many foods to greater America: hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, Waldorf salad, baked Alaska.... ​