Llewellynn Howland III
David R. Godine
No Ordinary Being: W. Starling Burgess (1878-1947), a Biography
Bio of a major yacht designer, aviator, poet, and complex personality.
Leo Tolstoy (Rosamund Bartlett, Translator)
Oxford University Press
Anna Karenina
This epic love story is vividly translated anew with precision & nuance.
James R. Baehler
Sports Publishing
Unbreakable: The 25 Most Unapproachable Records in Baseball
And many of these records are decades old!
Liz Weber
Greenpoint Press
Memory Card Full: A Memoir
This free-spirited bartender and author writes of loss and growth.
Charles Degelman
Harvard Square Editions
A Bowl Full of Nails
A fiery anti-war protester lands in '70s Rocky Mountain counterculture.