Peter D. Kiernan
American Mojo: Lost And Found / Restoring Our Middle Class Before The World Blows By
This prolific author provides insight about America's teetering Middle Class, its heroes and future.
Elena Delbanco
Other Press
The Silver Swan
The author's famous cellist-father inspires a debut classical-music novel of intrigue and romance.
Alan White
Bloomsbury Academic
Toward A Philosophical Theory Of Everything
Connecting some philosophical dots and more, this Williams College Professor is a past President of the Metaphysical Society of America.
Dava Guerin & Kevin Ferris
Unbreakable Bonds: The Mighty Moms And Wounded Warriors Of Walter Reed
Poignant accounts of ten moms of wounded vets. Foreword: George H. W. Bush. An encore reading.
Donald P. Gregg
Pot Shards: Fragments Of A Life Lived In CIA, The White House, And The Two Koreas
Encore reading from this memoir by a former Ambassador and National Security Advisor.