Barbara Bush
Barbara Bush: A Memoir
Happy 90th to the former First Lady; her daughter, Doro Bush Koch, reads for us; new preface by the Bush children.
Donald P. Gregg
Pot Shards: Fragments Of A Life lived In CIA, The White House, And The Two Koreas
An engaging memoir by this former Ambassador, National Security Advisor, and CIA insider.
Elyssa Friedland
William Morrow
Love And Miss Communication
In this debut novel, surprises greet a high-powered woman who goes "cold turkey" on social media.
Kevin Cook
W. W. Norton
The Dad Report: Fathers, Sons, And Baseball Families
(Listen now: What if a superstar hadn't fallen from grace?)
Victoria Shorr
W. W. Norton
Backlands: A Novel
Historical fiction: Saga of a legendary colorful outlaw of wild Brazil.