Elizabeth LaBan
Lake Union
The Restaurant Critic’s Wife: A Novel
Is restaurant critiquing just a piece of cake? Not for Sam, our neurotic, amusing critic.
Lee Kelly
Simon & Schuster
A Criminal Magic: A Novel
Imagine, instead of liquor, that magic was outlawed by the 18th Amendment....
Ann Morgan
Beside Myself: A Novel
Once upon a time, young Helen and Ellie, identical twins, mischievously swap places....
Barbara Solomon Josselsohn
Lake Union
The Last Dreamer: A Novel
A woman gets a chance to meet her teen-hood music idol in-person; a debut novel.
Hester Young
G. P. Putnam's Sons
The Gates Of Evangeline: A Novel
Romance, betrayal, and mystery dog a grief-stricken Northerner in this Southern gothic epic.