Nigel Rothfels (Dick Blau, photography)
Penn State University Press
Elephant House
A photo documentary of a zoo's elephant quarters, its animals and caregivers.
Eloisa James
My American Duchess
An arrogant Duke, used to having his way, meets an engaged American. (Of the first reading: Downton Abbey, kick yourselves.)
Clifford Thompson
Autumn House Press
Twin Of Blackness: A Memoir
Race and identity -- a tormented perspective by the Winner of 2013 Whiting Award.
Joanna Shupe
The Lady Hellion
Needing a former flame's help, a woman vows not to let her heart be broken again.
Leland Cheuk
Chicago Center for Literature and Photography
The Misadventures Of Sulliver Pong
Black comedy about a dysfunctional Chinese-American family.