Rinker Buck
Simon & Schuster
The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey
With pioneer lore and modern wit, the author ruggedly retraces a legendary trail.
Suzanne Chazin
A Blossom Of Bright Light
A Latino police detective & his girlfriend confront secrets and a crime mystery.
Doug Merlino
Bloomsbury USA
Beast: Blood, Struggle, And Dreams At The Heart Of Mixed Martial Arts
About MMA -- a ferocious, fast-growing sport; "beautifully reported... with rollicking flair."
Scott D. Sampson
Houghton Mifflin
How To Raise A Wild Child: The Art And Science Of Falling In Love With Nature
Wise eco-guidance from the host of PBS Kids' Dinosaur Train.
Sarah MacLean
The Rogue Not Taken
Sophie flees Victorian London after pushing her philandering brother-in-law into a pond at a party, then meets a charming marquis.