Sam Roberts
Grand Central Publishing
Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America
With photos and prose, a veteran New York Times reporter celebrates this bustling iconic landmark with its century of fascinating history.
Mitchell S. Jackson
Bloomsbury USA
The Residue Years
A debut "autobiographical novel" told from the perspectives of a mother and son struggling in America's whitest city, Portland, Oregon.
Wendy Corsi Staub
The Perfect Stranger
When does a blogger share too much -- and risk her life in the process? Online sharing, cancer recovery, and crime -- all intersect in this novel.
Mark Kram, Jr.
St. Martin's Griffin
Like Any Normal Day: A Story of Devotion
One football tackle of a handsome, talented high school senior leaves him a quadriplegic, and also changes lives around him;a sports reporter's award-winning intimate portrait of this true story.
Jessica Wapner
The Experiment
The Philadelphia Chromosome
... "A Genetic Mystery, a Lethal Cancer, and the Improbable Invention of a Lifesaving Treatment". An acclaimed, engrossing account of a rare triumph, decades in the making, in the battle against cancer