Maria Chaudhuri
Bloomsbury USA
Beloved Strangers: A Memoir
"Joy was ephemeral" in young Maria's Bangladeshi family, studying The Koran required. In U.S. college days, Maria finds romance and more.
David Flink
William Morrow
Thinking Differently: An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities
..."An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities."The author, dyslexic himself, dispels myths about LD/ADHD, recounts his personal experience, and offers advice, others'stories, and hope.
Dylan Landis
Soho Press
Rainey Royal: A Novel
Abandoned by her mother, restless and artsy Rainey lives with her jazz musician father, navigating adolescence in a rudderless family.
Kevin Baker
Houghton Mifflin
The Big Crowd
A sweeping saga of mayoral politics, mob crime, and colorful characters lies within this big-city historical novel.
Cris Beam
Marriner Books
To the End of June: The Intimate Life of American Foster Care
This touching first-hand account by a foster mother challenges our complacency and priorities about America's broken foster care system.