Daniel Levine
Houghton Mifflin
Within one body, a bestial Mr. Hyde hides alongside civil Dr. Jekyll in this reworking of a classic -- with somewhat modern sensibilities.
Megan Marshall
Marriner Books
Margaret Fuller: A New American Life
Pulitzer Prize Winner, Biography. Fuller, an early champion of women's rights, befriended Emerson and Thoreau, and perished in a shipwreck.
Tim Townsend
William Morrow
Mission at Nuremberg: An American Army Chaplain and the Trial of the Nazis
After two years of duty away from his wife back in St. Louis, an Army chaplain is asked to do the unthinkable.
Nancy Hightower
Pink Narcissus Press
Elementari Rising
This epic fantasy reveals characters discovering their magical powers amidst dueling spirits of the earth; the first book of a series.
Edward Behr
Penguin Press HC
50 Foods: The Essentials of Good Taste
A definitive guide to foods every food lover should know -- from anchovies to greens to walnuts -- and how to purchase and enjoy them.